American fiction is nearly extra than writers namely are yet published. American fiction namely likewise about aspiring writers, the Pulitzer Prize winners of tomorrow. So how can one aspiring founder win recognized plus discover exposure as their go Writing contests, fellowships, grants and rewards are a peerless access to get exposure,never to mention"extras"as your writing resume.

Without beyond ado,, we send you the writting contests plus rewards for February 2007:
Writer's Digest Self-Published Fiction Award,Red Bottom High Heel Shoes, deadline May premier 2007. Prize: $3000 USD. Enter here. Arizona Authors Literary Competition, $10 - $30 entry fee Enter here. Women aboard Writing Winter Content, deadline February 28, 2007, $5 entrance fare Enter here. Wild Blue Yonder Short Fiction Contest, deadline February 15, 2007,Christian Louboutins. Enter here. That First Line Contest, deadline March 1st 2007, $5 entrance fare Enter here. Award of Meritt Romance Fiction Contest, deadline February 14, 2007, $30 entry fare Enter here. Chapter One Novel Contest, deadline February 28, 2007,entrance fare 20 pounds. Enter here. Erma Bombeck Writing Competition, deadline February 18, 2007,Red Bottoms. Enter here. Gifted Punks Short Story Contest, deadline February 28, 2007. Enter here.
Good luck plus memorize apt come behind plus let us comprehend whether you space alternatively overcome!

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